is proud to showcase the talents of a new, fresh face to the artistic world. Krichon, an Asian artist specializing in sketch artistry, brings out the full glory of Mt. Qomolangma in his drawings.

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British mappers failed to fully research the local records when they assigned the name of the largest mountatin in the world as Mt. Everest. "Qomolangma" was actually recorded on maps as early as 1721.

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Sir George Everest, the namesake provided for Mt. Everest, was Surveyor-General of India. He was a ded- icated practitioner who meticulously ensured the preservation of local names and preferences.

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Mt. Q. Logo

We are a group of fair-minded citizens based in the United States and abroad who wish to ensure that the name attributed to the tallest mountain on Earth, Qomolangma, be restored to its rightful place on the world maps.

Currently, this is a private effort, and we are not related in any way to any group, nor are we incorporated. To that end, we can provide any information with regard to our effort to revert the name through our contact page, and will entertain incorporation procedures at the appropriate time.

For more information, submit your request on our contact page.