is proud to showcase the talents of a new, fresh face to the artistic world. Krichon, an Asian artist specializing in sketch artistry, brings out the full glory of Mt. Qomolangma in his drawings.

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British mappers failed to fully research the local records when they assigned the name of the largest mountatin in the world as Mt. Everest. "Qomolangma" was actually recorded on maps as early as 1721.

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Sir George Everest, the namesake provided for Mt. Everest, was Surveyor-General of India. He was a ded- icated practitioner who meticulously ensured the preservation of local names and preferences.

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Mt. Q. Logo

The media will play a key part of's campaign to revert the name of Mt. Qomolangma to worldwide recognition as the accepted name for the tallest mountain in the world. With major worldwide attention expected, the Olympics will be held in China. One of the main events leading up to the Olympics is the torch relay that is scheduled to be taken up to the peak of Mt. Qomolangma in May of this spring.

In the United States, there will be many feature stories performed by various networks with regard to the Olympics. With emphasis on introducing much of Chinese and other Asian cultures to their viewing audiences, media personalities will be able to illustate the celebration of local, regionalized preferences, and be in a prime position to introduce the name Qomolangma to an audience that has not heard it until this year. will be actively promoting the campaign to most of the mainstream media, and many of the new Internet-based media outlets. At that time, will present itself as the premiere source for educating people more fully with the pronunciation, the history behind the name, and the cultural implications of local naming conventions.

Such contacts will be made with sustained, quality-filled emails, telephone calls, postal mails, personal contacts, and Internet messaging. To that end, will establish contact representatives to assist the media in a curteous, professional manner, that will add credibility to the media organization's own standing.

While will be primarily focused on advocating Mt. Qomolangma as the worldwide name for the tallest mountain in the world, it will also be in position to spearhead an overall effort on a global basis to revert names to their local origin. The media can be petitioned on a frequent basis to spearhead local regional changes for other similarly misnamed locations around the world, to highlight the various environmental challenges facing such areas in the new commercialism climate, and to honor the achievements and contributions that local cultures provide to the vibrant and diversified fabric of the planet.

If anyone would like to recommend any individual whose actions would show worthiness at being incuded in the premier top tier listings of the petition, forward such requests to Mike@MountQ.Org.