is proud to showcase the talents of a new, fresh face to the artistic world. Krichon, an Asian artist specializing in sketch artistry, brings out the full glory of Mt. Qomolangma in his drawings.

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British mappers failed to fully research the local records when they assigned the name of the largest mountatin in the world as Mt. Everest. "Qomolangma" was actually recorded on maps as early as 1721.

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Sir George Everest, the namesake provided for Mt. Everest, was Surveyor-General of India. He was a ded- icated practitioner who meticulously ensured the preservation of local names and preferences.

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At, we introduce Krichon, an Asian artist who brings out the vibrancy and the soul of every subject he interprets.

Born and raised in Thailand, Krichon has captured the sights of individuals in the southern California area. is proud to announce the commission of four sketch renditions from Krichon, which we will introduce on a bi-monthly basis.

At, we have made the decision to remain strictly at the grass roots, word-of-mouth level, while we spread the word about the restoration of Mt. Qomolangma to the world's highest mountain. As such, Krichon is proud to offer his considerable talents to such a noble and judicious endeavor.

A limited amounts of prints will be released for purchase during the coming months. Each print is rendered on parchment paper, and each one is personally signed and numbered by Krichon on the date of its release. A portion of each sale will be used to maintain the campaign to restore Mt. Qomolangma to its rightful place in the annals of the world atlases.

All prints come with a protective frame, and the price (in US dollars) includes first class USPS shipping. We take PayPal including credit card payments.

Series #1: Beautiful Morning
$39.00 including
USPS Shipping